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Db2 for i Database Ingestion connection properties

When you define a Db2 for i Database Ingestion connection, you must configure connection properties. You can use this connection type in database ingestion tasks, which you configure in the Mass Ingestion service.
The following table describes the connection properties:
Connection Name
A name for the connection. This name must be unique within the organization. Connection names can contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and the following special characters: _ . + -
Spaces at the beginning or end of the name are trimmed and are not saved as part of the name. Maximum length is 100 characters. Connection names are not case sensitive.
An optional description for the connection. Maximum length is 255 characters.
The type of connection. Ensure that the type is Db2 for i Database Ingestion.
Runtime Environment
The name of the runtime environment where you want to run database ingestion tasks. You define runtime environments in Administrator.
User Name
The user name to use for connecting to the Db2 for i instance.
The password to use for connecting to the Db2 for i instance.
The name of the machine that hosts the database server.
The network port number used to connect to the database server.
Location Name
The name of the Db2 for i location that you want to access. Your system administrator can determine the name of the Db2 location by using the WRKRDBDIRE command. In the output, find the name of the database that is listed as *LOCAL and then use that value as the value of this property.
Code Page for Bit Data
The code page that Mass Ingestion Databases uses to read character data that is stored as bit data. This value must be a canonical name for the API and java.lang API. For more information, see the supported encodings in the Oracle Java documentation. Specify this property if you have FOR BIT DATA source columns.