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Box connection properties

When you set up a Box connection, you must configure the connection properties.
The following table describes the Box connection properties:
Connection property
Runtime Environment
The name of the runtime environment where you want to run the tasks.
Specify a Secure Agent, Hosted Agent, or serverless runtime environment.
When you read data from CSV files or write data to CSV files in Box, you can specify the Hosted Agent or the Secure Agent.
If you want to use the Hosted Agent, the Box connection must use OAuth credentials.
OAuth Access Token
Access token generated by Box.
URI Request Parameters
Parameters to search for files or folders in Box.
For example, to search for objects that contain the word "generate", you can use the following string: query=generate;content_types=name;limit=0;offset=0.
You can use wild chard characters and enclose phrases or multiple query strings within double quotes.
Source File Path
Not applicable in Box Connector.
Target File Path
Optional. A directory in the machine that hosts the Secure Agent where you can download objects from Box. Enter a value to download files or folders to a specific location in Box instead of the root directory of the Secure Agent machine.
Response Folder Path
Not applicable in Box Connector.
Box File or Folder ID
File ID or the Folder ID of the file or folder for which you want to use the connection.
You can get the File ID or Folder ID from the Box URL of the file or folder.
For example, the folder Reports has the following Box URL:
1837615991 is the Folder ID of Reports.
Note: You can override this value when you create a synchronization task or a mapping to read data from or write data to CSV files in Box.