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Ariba V2 connection properties

When you set up an Ariba V2 connection, you must configure the connection properties.
You can create an ITK or SOAP connection. When you create an ITK connection, Ariba allows authentication using shared secret or SSL certificate.
The following table describes the Ariba V2 connection properties:
Connection Property
Connection Name
Name of Ariba V2 Connector.
Description of Ariba V2 Connector.
Runtime Environment
The name of the runtime environment where you want to run the tasks.
Connection Type
Type of Connection. You can select SOAP or ITK.
Service URL
URL for the Ariba service.
Realm of the Ariba instance.
Data Dictionary File Location
Location of the data dictionary file on your local machine.
Use SSL Certificate
Applicable for ITK connection. Determines whether the Secure Agent establishes a secure connection to Ariba. When you select this option, the Secure Agent establishes an encrypted connection.
SSL authentication requires Client Keystore, Client Keystore Password, and Client Key Password.
Shared Secret
Shared Secret for the ITK connection.
Leave the Shared Secret blank if you authenticate using SSL certificate on Ariba Network.
Client Keystore
The location of the client keystore file.
Client Keystore Password
The password for the client keystore file required for secure communication.
Client Key Password
The password for the client key.
User Name
Required for a SOAP connection. User name for the Ariba account.
Required for a SOAP connection. Password for the Ariba account.