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Help for Other Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a next-generation iPaaS that provides enterprise data management through a suite of intelligent cloud services. Help is available for each service.
Click the links below to open help for each service:
Get help for Administrator.
Get help for API Manager.
Get help for API Portal.
Administrator provides organization management capabilities across all cloud services. Use Administrator to manage security, licenses, users, user groups, user roles, runtime environments, connections, schedules, add-on bundles, and swagger files.
Use API Manager to manage your organization's API endpoints. With API Manager, you can create a managed endpoint to which you apply security policies and for which you monitor activity.
Use API Portal to integrate, test and monitor the API endpoints you consume. With API Portal, you can examine, test, and generate SDK packages for these endpoints, as well as view your usage of these endpoints.
Get help for Application Integration.
Get help for Application Integration Console.
Get help for B2B Gateway.
Application Integration enables you to orchestrate and automate business processes. Use features like decision making, parallel execution, XQuery, and fault handling. Create processes that are event-driven or exposed as APIs and guides that provide interactive access to data. To access third-party applications, create service connectors and connections.
Application Integration Console allows you to monitor and manage the Application Integration service. Monitor invoked assets, create schedules, configure system services, configure server properties, and view logs and metrics.
B2B Gateway enables you to integrate with your partners through EDI messages quickly and easily. The gateway's out-of-the-box processing mappings for key EDI messages simplify and expedite EDI message handling and integration to backend systems.
Get help for B2B Partners Portal.
Get help for Business 360 Console.
Get help for Customer 360.
Use B2B Partners Portal to track and monitor files that you exchange with your trading partners.
Business 360 Console provides an easy-to-use interface to model data, integrate with external systems, configure assets to enhance data quality, manage data flows, and define processes to manage your master data.
Customer 360 provides clean, consistent, and connected information about customers. Use the master customer data to make better business decisions about customers and manage customer relationships.
Get help for Data Accelerator for Azure.
Get help for Data Integration.
Get help for Data Profiling.
Data Accelerator for Azure connects your data to Microsoft Azure, allowing you to easily load data from on-premise or cloud sources to Azure.
Data Integration helps you build high-performant cloud data warehouses. Create and manage data integration projects that include mappings, mapping tasks, masking tasks, mass ingestion tasks, synchronization tasks, replication tasks, taskflows, and more.
Data Profiling determines the characteristics of columns in a data source, such as value frequency, patterns, and data types. You create and run a data profiling task on a data source to assess the source metadata and view the collected column data statistics.
Get help for Data Quality.
Get help for DiscoveryIQ.
Get help for Integration Hub.
Use Data Quality to verify and enhance the accuracy and usability of your data. Create assets such as rule specifications, which capture the logic of the business rules in your organization, and dictionaries, which store reference data that is relevant to your business rules.
Discovery IQ helps you learn about your Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services usage, detect failures, and take corrective actions. It provides operational and adoption reports and dashboards, advanced log analysis and recommendations, and best practices and recommendations.
Integration Hub provides a modernized, hub-based approach for data integration and application synchronization. Boost productivity and data availability with a publish-subscribe integration pattern.
Get help for Mass Ingestion.
Get help for Monitor.
Get help for Operational Insights.
Mass Ingestion provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring and running point-in-time and continuous mass ingestion flows of data from database, IoT, or streaming sources to on-premises or cloud targets.
Monitor analyzes the state of orchestration and deployment activities across all cloud services and provides in-depth, actionable insights. Monitor all data integration jobs, running data integration jobs, and all import and export instances.
Operational Insights gives you visibility into the performance and operational efficiency of Informatica assets across your enterprise. View enterprise health, domain-level analytics, job and workflow statistics, and node-level resource consumption.
Get help for Reference 360.
Reference 360 enables you to manage your reference data. Unlock the true value of reference data by centrally defining, managing, and governing your enterprise reference data.