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Troubleshooting security

I received the following security violation error:
There may have been a security violation while accessing the site. Verify that there are no malicious scripts running in your browser. This error also appears when you submit the form multiple times through a browser reload.
This error appears when you click an option on a page while the page is still loading from a previous click. Click the Here link to return to Data Integration.
When I try to view the details about an object, such as a connection or replication task, the Object Not Found page displays.
The object was recently deleted. The Object Not Found page appears when an object no longer exists. Refresh the page to display current objects.
When I try to perform a task, the Access Denied page displays.
The Access Denied page displays when you try to perform a task that is not allowed for your user account. You might not have the appropriate role or asset permissions to perform the task. If you need to perform the task, ask your organization administrator to review your user account.