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Troubleshooting assets

I want to create a new asset but New does not display in the navigation bar.
When a license expires, you cannot access the features associated with the license. Contact your organization administrator.
I want to copy multiple assets, but the operation fails.
If you copy an asset and its duplicate with the suffix "Copy 1" into a folder where assets with the same name already exist and choose to keep both assets, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services might not copy the assets.
For example, you want to copy "Mapping_1" and "Mapping_1-Copy 1" into Folder_2, but "Mapping_1" already exists in Folder_2. "Mapping_1-Copy 1" copies successfully, but "Mapping_1" might fail because both "Mapping_1" and "Mapping_1-Copy 1" now also exist in Folder_2.
Change the name of the conflicting assets and try again, or copy the assets one at a time.