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Troubleshooting a synchronization task

Review the rules and guidelines for the components of a synchronization task.

Synchronization task errors

The synchronization task fails.
A synchronization task might fail for the following reasons:
My flat file target contains data from the latest job, but not from previous jobs.
The synchronization task truncates a flat file target before writing target data to the file.
To avoid overwriting existing target data, you might use a post-session command to merge target data with a master target file in a different location.
The data preview does not show the latest changes to the dataset for the synchronization task.
The synchronization task wizard caches the dataset for connections when you configure the task. The synchronization task wizard deletes the cache after you save the task and refreshes the cache each time you configure the task. To refresh the cache, save or cancel the task, and then edit the task.
For FTP/SFTP connections, data preview shows the latest changes for the dataset when you update the local file to match the remote file.
I do not see the target when creating the task.
The list of targets are based on the task operation. For more information, see Tasks.
The synchronization task inserted all data into the target, instead of performing the update/upsert/delete task operation configured for the task.
When you use an active mapplet with a synchronization task that includes a saved query, the synchronization task ignores the configured target option for the task and tries to insert data to the target.