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Troubleshooting a Secure Agent

I installed the Secure Agent, but I want to install another on a different machine. How do I do that?
On the new machine, use your login to connect to Data Integration. Then, download and install the Secure Agent.

Secure Agent errors

I started the Secure Agent, but the status is inactive.
The Secure Agent might take a few minutes to start. The status refreshes every 5 seconds. If the Secure Agent does not become active, complete the following tasks:
The Secure Agent did not install or start correctly.
If the Secure Agent does not install or start correctly, complete the following tasks:
  1. 1. View the installation details in infaagent.log in the directory where you installed the Secure Agent.
  2. 2. View the application logs in the Event Viewer for a Secure Agent that runs on Windows.
One of my services shows an error status after I restarted the service successfully.
If a service fails with an error status, the error status for the service might continue to display in the Agent Service Details after the service starts up successfully. The error stays on the page until an internal job that cleans up obsolete messages runs. You can ignore the error.
I am trying to uninstall the Secure Agent, but the Secure Agent status still shows "Up and Running."
When you uninstall the Secure Agent without first stopping the Secure Agent, the Agent Core and other services might continue to run for several minutes. To avoid this issue, stop the Secure Agent before you uninstall it.