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Returns a 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC32) value. Use CRC32 to find data transmission errors. You can also use CRC32 if you want to verify that data stored in a file has not been modified.
Note: CRC32 can return the same output for different input strings. If you use CRC32 to generate keys, you may receive unexpected results.


CRC32( value )
String or Binary datatype. Passes the values you want to perform a redundancy check on. Input value is case sensitive. The case of the input value affects the return value. For example, CRC32(informatica) and CRC32 (Informatica) return different values.

Return Value

32-bit integer value.


You want to read data from a source across a wide area network. You want to make sure the data has been modified during transmission. You can compute the checksum for the data in the file and store it along with the file. When Data Integration reads the source data, Data Integration can use CRC32 to compute the checksum and compare it to the stored value. If the two values are the same, the data has not been modified.