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Taskflow example

You can add multiple data integration tasks to a taskflow and run them sequentially or in parallel.
The following example shows how to create a taskflow to run two mapping tasks in parallel. The example assumes that you know how to create a connection, a mapping, and a mapping task.
This example uses the following sample mapping tasks:
Perform the following steps to create a taskflow and monitor the progress of the taskflow:
    1. From the top menu bar, select Data Integration.
    2. Click New > Taskflows > Taskflow > Create.
    3. Select Start and enter the following General properties:
    Click Select and browse to the location where you want to save the taskflow.
    Taskflow to run two mapping tasks in parallel
    This image shows the General properties of a taskflow.
    For this use case, you do not need to enter Input Fields, Temp Fields or Notes properties.
    4. Drag a Parallel Path step onto the canvas.
    You see a Parallel Path step with two branches.
    5. To add Data Task steps, drag Data Task steps from the left pallette to each branch of the Parallel Path step.
    6. Select the first Data Task step and then perform the following steps:
    1. a. Go toProperties > Data Task and click select. You see a dialog box with a list of mapping tasks. Select the task you want to use in the first Data Task step and then click select.
    2. b. Go to Properties > General and enter a name for the Data task step in the Name field.
    7. Repeat the preceding step for the Data Step in the second Parallel Path branch.
    8. Select the Parallel Path step and go to Properties > General, and enter a name for the step in the title field.
    9. Go to Parallel Path Properties > Parallel Paths. You see that the Taskflow has set path 0 and path 1 of the Parallel Path step:
    The parallel path properties section with branch one populated with first mapping and branch two populated with the second mapping
    10. Click Save from the upper-right corner of the page.
    The following image shows the complete taskflow:
    The complete taskflow that runs two mapping tasks in parallel.
    11. If you do not see any validation errors, click Run.
    Note: If you see validation errors, use the Validation panel to trouble shoot the taskflow.
    12. To verify that the taskflow is complete, check the All Jobs page in Monitor or the My Jobs page in Data Integration.