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Scheduling a taskflow

To schedule a taskflow, associate the taskflow with an existing schedule or create a new schedule.
You can create a new schedule in Data Integration and Administrator. For more information about creating a schedule in Administrator, see Schedules in the Administrator help.
Before you schedule a taskflow, you must publish the taskflow. A scheduled taskflow runs only if the taskflow was published at least once.
If you schedule an outdated taskflow that contains unpublished changes, Data Integration schedules the last published taskflow version.
If you unpublish a scheduled taskflow, the scheduled taskflow jobs will not run.
You can view the scheduled jobs by selecting Scheduled Jobs from the Actions menu.
Note: To delete a scheduled job, select the job and click Delete.
    1. In Data Integration, select Explore.
    The Explore page opens. You can filter the page by using the Projects and Folders, Asset Types, or Tags option.
    2. Navigate to the taskflow that you want to schedule and click Actions.
    The Actions menu appears.
    3. From the Actions menu, select Schedule.
    The Schedule Taskflow dialog box appears.
    The following image shows the Schedule Taskflow dialog box:
    This image shows the Schedule Taskflow dialog box.
    4. In the Job Name field, enter a name for this combination of taskflow and schedule.
    The name can contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and the following special characters: _ . + -
    5. Perform one of the following steps:
Note: If you remove a taskflow from a schedule as the taskflow runs, the job completes. Data Integration cancels any additional runs associated with the schedule.