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Linear taskflows

You can create a linear taskflow to group multiple data integration tasks. A linear taskflow runs tasks serially in the order that you specify.
Use linear taskflows when you want to create a simple taskflow. For example, you want to update a list of contacts on a monthly basis. To do so, you want to upsert recent account information and then upsert contact information for each account. You create a taskflow with a synchronization task to upsert accounts followed by a synchronization task to upsert contacts for the accounts. You schedule the linear taskflow to run each month.
The Linear Taskflow Details page shows details such as the taskflow's name and location, and whether to run the taskflow on a schedule. The List of Tasks section shows that there are two tasks in the taskflow. The Email Notification Options section shows that the default email notification options will be used.
Linear taskflows are a simplified version of the Data Integration taskflow feature. Linear taskflows cannot control the execution sequence of tasks based on the previous task in the taskflow. If you want to create a dynamic taskflow, see Taskflows.
Linear taskflows can include the following task types:
You can edit linear taskflows. If you add a task to a linear taskflow that is currently running, Data Integration does not run the new task until the next time the linear taskflow runs.
Note: If you want to delete a linear taskflow, be sure that no users in the organization plan to use it. You cannot retrieve a linear taskflow after you delete it.