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Configuring a linear taskflow

You can add multiple tasks to a linear taskflow. However, a linear taskflow cannot include more than one instance of a particular task. You cannot add a taskflow task to a linear taskflow.
    1. To create a linear taskflow, click New > Taskflows > Linear Taskflow, and then click Create.
    To edit a linear taskflow, on the Explore page, navigate to the linear taskflow. In the row that contains the linear taskflow, click Actions and select Edit.
    2. Enter the following details for the linear taskflow:
    Taskflow Name
    Name of the linear taskflow. Names can contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and the following special characters:
    _ . + -
    Names are not case sensitive.
    Location of the linear taskflow. Browse to the folder where you want to store the linear taskflow or use the default location.
    If the Explore page is currently active and a project or folder is selected, the default location for the asset is the selected project or folder. Otherwise, the default location is the location of the most recently saved asset.
    Description of the linear taskflow.
    Determines how the task runs. Choose from the following options:
    • - Manually. You might want to run a linear taskflow manually to verify that the linear taskflow and tasks are configured properly.
    • To run the task manually, click Do not run this task on a schedule.
    • - On a schedule. When you configure a linear taskflow to run on a schedule, include a repeat frequency to run the linear taskflow on regular intervals.
    • To associate the task with a schedule, click Run this task on a schedule and select a schedule.
      To create a schedule, click New.
    3. To add a task to the linear taskflow, perform the following steps:
    1. a. Click Add Task.
    2. b. Navigate to the folder in which the task resides.
    3. c. Select the task that you want to include in the linear taskflow and then click Select.
    4. d. Repeat these steps to add additional tasks as desired.
    4. To determine the order in which the tasks run, enter sequence numbers for each task in the task list.
    5. If you want the linear taskflow to stop if a task fails, click Stop on Error for the task.
    The agent stops running all remaining tasks if any of the selected tasks fail. If you change this option while the linear taskflow is running, Data Integration does not apply the change until the next time the linear taskflow runs.
    6. To delete a task from the linear taskflow, click the Delete icon next to the task.
    7. Optionally, configure the following email notification options:
    Use default email notification options for my organization
    Use the email notification options configured for the organization.
    Use custom email notification options for this task
    Use the email notification options configured for the task. You can send an email to different addresses based on whether the task failed, completed with errors, or completed successfully.
    Use commas to separate a list of email addresses.
    When you select this option, Data Integration does not use the email notification options configured for the organization.
    8. To save the linear taskflow, click Save.
    9. To test the linear taskflow, click Run, and then check the My Jobs page for the results.