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Working with output groups

You can use the Relational Output tab to view, understand, and edit the expected output groups for the intelligent structure model. You can also use the Relational Output tab to view the input records that Intelligent Structure Discovery processes.
You can select the following display options on the Relational Output tab:
Display output groups.
To view the way data is grouped together in the output, select to view output groups.
Display incoming records.
To understand how Intelligent Structure Discovery receives input records, select to view incoming records. The display might include normalization of groups to address the presence of repeating elements. This does not reflect the grouping of elements in the output groups.
You can perform the following actions on output groups:
Rename a node.
To rename a node, right-click the column that represents the node, and type a name, for example City.
Exclude a node.
To exclude a node from an output group, right-click the column and select Exclude from Structure. If you exclude the node, the data is not parsed in run time.
Note: The Relational Output tab can display up to 200 rows of data. If you have a large amount of data or many repeating groups, the Relational Output tab might not display all the output groups.