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User-defined functions

User-defined functions are reusable functions that you can use in expressions. Create user-defined functions to build complex expressions using the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services transformation language. User-defined functions use the same syntax and can use the same transformation language components as transformation and field expressions.
You can include a user-defined function in a transformation expression in a mapping or mapplet, in a field expression in a mapping task, or in another user-defined function. To use a user-defined function in an expression, you select the user-defined function in the expression editor and enter the required arguments.
You cannot use a user-defined function in an expression in a synchronization task. You also cannot use a user-defined function in any transformation in an elastic mapping.
To create and use user-defined functions, your organization must have the appropriate license.


You want to remove leading and trailing spaces from a text string such as a name or address. You create a user-defined function called RemoveSpaces that takes a text string as an argument and performs the LTRIM and RTRIM functions. When you configure the user-defined function, you enter the following expression:
LTrim( RTrim(TextString) )
After you create the function, you use it in an Expression transformation to remove leading and trailing spaces from the incoming field, LAST_NAME. The expression field contains the following expression:
In the expression, the user-defined function name is prefaced with :UDF. The incoming field LAST_NAME is passed to the function as the argument.