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Shared sequence properties

When you create a shared sequence, you define general properties such as the sequence name, and properties that define the sequence such as initial value, increment value, and end value.
The following table lists the properties you define for a shared sequence:
Required. Name of the shared sequence.
Can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores (_). Maximum length is 200 characters.
Project or folder in which the sequence resides.
If the Explore page is currently active and a project or folder is selected, the default location for the asset is the selected project or folder. Otherwise, the default location is the location of the most recently saved asset.
Optional. Description for the shared sequence.
Increment By
The difference between two consecutive values in a generated sequence. For example, if Increment By is 2 and the existing value is 4, then the next value generated in the sequence will be 6.
Default is 1.
Maximum is 2,147,483,647.
End Value
Maximum value that the mapping task generates.
If the sequence reaches this value during the task run with rows left to process and the sequence is not configured to cycle, the run fails. If the sequence is configured to cycle, the sequence uses this value and then starts over at the Cycle Start Value.
Maximum is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.
Initial Value
The value you want the mapping task to use as the initial value in the sequence the first time that the sequence is used.
If you want to cycle through a series of values, this value must be greater than or equal to the Cycle Start Value and less than the End Value.
If you reset the shared sequence, the sequence is reset to this value.
Default is 0.
If enabled, the mapping task cycles through the sequence range. If disabled, the task stops the sequence at the configured End Value. The session fails if the task reaches the End Value and still has rows to process.
Default is disabled.
Cycle Start Value
Start value of the generated sequence that you want the mapping task to use when the sequence is configured to cycle. When the sequence reaches the end value, it cycles back to this value.
Default is 0.
Number of Reserved Values
The number of sequence values the mapping task caches at one time.
Must be greater than or equal to 1000.
Current Value
Displays the current start value in the sequence.