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Parameters in mapplets

You can use input parameters and in-out parameters in a mapplet. You specify the value of the parameters when you configure the mapping task.
You configure parameters in mapplets the same way that you configure parameters in mappings. For information about configuring parameters, see Mappings.
When you include parameters in a mapplet, Data Integration renames the parameters when you use the mapplet in a Mapplet transformation. The parameter names are prefixed with the name of the Mapplet transformation. You can view the corresponding names on the Parameters tab of the Mapplet transformation Properties panel.
For example, you use a Filter transformation in a mapplet and select Completely Parameterized as the filter condition. You create a string parameter called "Filter_Param." You use the mapplet in a Mapplet transformation named "MyMappletTx." In the Mapplet transformation, the filter parameter is renamed to "MyMappletTx_Filter_Param."
If you define in-out parameters in a mapplet, the mapplet is not valid for elastic mappings, even when the in-out parameters are not used in the mapplet.