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Intelligent structure models

A CLAIRE® intelligent structure model is an asset that Intelligent Structure Discovery creates based on input that represents the data that you expect the model to parse at run time.
Intelligent Structure Discovery determines the underlying patterns and structures of the input that you provide for the model and creates a model that can be used to transform, parse, and generate output groups.
Long, complex files with little or no structure can be difficult to parse. Intelligent Structure Discovery can automatically decipher input data and discover the patterns, repetitions, relationships, and types of data in unstructured files.
After intelligent structure discovers the structure of the data, you can refine and test the structure, and then save or export it. When you save or export an intelligent structure, Intelligent Structure Discovery creates an intelligent structure model in an .amodel file.
Intelligent Structure Discovery creates a model that expresses the expected output data. You can use an intelligent structure model in mappings to parse unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data.
You can create models from the following input types:
Creating intelligent structure models based on XSD files and on Cobol copybooks is available for preview. Preview functionality is supported for evaluation purposes but is unwarranted and is not supported in production environments or any environment that you plan to push to production. Informatica intends to include the preview functionality in an upcoming release for production use, but might choose not to in accordance with changing market or technical circumstances. For more information, contact Informatica Global Customer Support.