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Inputs for intelligent structure models

The input that you base an intelligent structure model on can be a sample file, an XSD schema, or a Cobol copybook, based on the input that you expect to use the model for at run time.
The input should be very similar to the runtime input, and should contain each type of data that you want to parse, in the same format.
Use simplified input to generate the model. For example, if the input data has tables, provide a table with just a few sample rows rather than many rows of data. If you use a JSON input file that contains repeating groups of data, limit the number of repetitions.
If the model does not match the runtime input data, or only partially matches the input data, there might be a large amount of unidentified data and data loss. However, some variations will still be parsed.
Verify that the length of each combination of group name and field name doesn't exceed 80 characters. For example, if the name of the group that a field belongs to is group, the field name must not exceed 75 characters. If a combination of group name and field name exceeds 80 characters, mappings that use the model fail to run.

Using multiple sample files in a model

After you create a model based on a JSON, XML, ORC, AVRO, or PARQUET sample file, you can use additional sample files to enrich the structure with fields that exist in the new samples. The additional files must be of the same file type as the type of file that the model is based on.

Using multi-file XSD schemas

Consider the following guidelines when you use an XSD schema that contains multiple XSD files as the model input:

Using XML sample files in XSD-based models

When you create an XSD-based model to use in a Structure Parser transformation, you can attach an XML sample file to the model. The names and contents of the groups in the model appear in the Intelligent Structure Model page. When you associate the model with the Structure Parser transformation, use this information to decide which group to connect to the target. Attaching a sample file to the model doesn't affect or change the structure of the model.