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Exporting an intelligent structure model

Before you can use an intelligent structure model in a data engineering mapping, you must export it. You export the model to your local drive, and can then incorporate the model into data engineering data objects.
To export an intelligent structure model, your organization must have the appropriate license.
    1. On the Explore page, navigate to the project and folder with the intelligent structure model.
    The Explore page shows all the assets in the folder.
    2. Click to select the row that contains the relevant intelligent structure model. In the Actions menu, select Edit. In the Intelligent Structure Details panel, click Edit.
    The intelligent structure model appears in a separate page.
    3. In the Intelligent Structure page, find the icon menu in the upper right corner of the Visual Model tab, and click the Export model icon.
    Note: The Export model icon is available only if your organization has the appropriate license.