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Enriching an existing model with new samples

After you create a model based on a JSON, XML, ORC, AVRO, or PARQUET sample file, you can use additional sample files to enrich the structure with fields that exist in the new samples.
For example, if the data you want to map contains data that is not in the structure and therefore is not mapped, you can add that data to the structure based on a new sample file that contains that data.
The files that you use to enrich the structure must be of the same file type as the type of file that the structure is based on. For example, to enrich a structure that is based on a JSON sample file use additional JSON sample files.
To add a new sample file to the structure click Update Sample and select the new sample file.
Intelligent Structure Discovery creates nodes for new data in the sample file. To facilitate locating the new nodes, the Find pane opens with the search pattern [NEW]. The list of new nodes shows and those nodes are highlighted in the structure.
Note: If the new sample does not contain all the data that was in the structure, no data is removed from the structure and the entire structure is displayed. However, the input data panel and the Relational Output tab only show data that is in the new sample.
The following image shows the updated model with data from the new sample:
The updated model shows data from the new sample in the input data panel and the Relational Output tab.
When you save the model the structure is updated with the new data.