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Creating an intelligent structure model

Create an intelligent structure model based on input that represents the data that you expect the model to parse at run time.
    1. Click New > Components > Intelligent Structure Model, and then click Create.
    2. On the Intelligent Structure Model page, enter a name for the intelligent structure model.
    The name can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores.
    3. Navigate to the project and folder where you want to save the model, or use the default location.
    You can change the name or location after you save the intelligent structure model using the Explore page.
    4. Based on the type of input that you create the model for, perform one of the following actions:
    Intelligent Structure Discovery deciphers the data in the input and discovers the patterns expressed in the data. The following image shows an example of discovered structure on the Visual Model tab:
    The Visual Model tab shows an example of a discovered structure with a hierarchy of nodes. In the top row, table is the parent of element. In the second row, element is the parent of IP, value, token, element, element, statusCode, and number. In the third row, the first element is the parent of datetime, and the second element is the parent of HTTPRequest. In the fourth row, datetime is the parent of date and time, and HTTPRequest is the parent of HTTPMethod, URI, and protocol.
    Intelligent Structure Discovery creates nodes with unique names. If Intelligent Structure Discovery discovers instances of the same type of data, it adds a number suffix to the node names. For example, if the input contains timestamps in two tables, Intelligent Structure Discovery names them timestamp1 and timestamp2.
    5. For a model that you create for an Excel worksheet, metadata nodes with sheet index and name are created and are excluded from the model by default. Select Include in Structure to add those nodes to the output.
    6. You can refine the structure so that when you use the model in production the output meets your requirements. For more information, see Refining intelligent structure models.
    7. Click Save.
    Intelligent Structure Discovery generates an intelligent structure model and saves the model in the selected location.