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Creating a mapplet

Create a mapplet in the Mapplet Designer.
The Mapplet Designer contains the same design areas and functionality as the Mapping Designer. For information about using the Mapping Designer, see Mappings.
    1. Click New > Mapplets > Mapplet.
    The Mapplet Designer appears with an Input transformation and an Output transformation on the canvas.
    2. Specify the mapplet name and location.
    The default name for the mapplet is Mapplet followed by a sequential number.
    If the Explore page is currently active and a project or folder is selected, the default location for the asset is the selected project or folder. Otherwise, the default location is the location of the most recently saved asset.
    You can change the name or location after you save the mapping using the Explore page.
    3. Optionally, enter a description for the mapplet.
    When you use the mapplet in a Mapplet transformation, the description appears in the Mapplet tab.
    4. Optionally, filter the transformations in the transformation palette.
    5. Configure the mapplet input.
    Input can be a Source transformation, an Input transformation, or both. If you use an Input transformation, add input fields for the fields you want to pass to the mapplet.
    6. Add transformations to the mapplet.
    7. Configure the mapplet output.
    Output can be a Target transformation, an Output transformation, or both. If you use an Output transformation, add output fields for the data you want to pass to the downstream transformation.
    8. Validate the mapplet.
    9. Resolve errors in the Validation panel.
    If your organization uses Data Integration Elastic, resolve errors using the tabs that correspond to the mapping type where you want to use the mapplet.
    If the tabs for both mapping types contain no errors, you will be able to use the mapplet in either mapping type.
    10. Save the mapplet.