Components > Hierarchical schemas > Creating a hierarchical schema

Creating a hierarchical schema

Create a hierarchical schema in Data Integration.
    1. Click New > Components > Hierarchical Schema.
    2. In the New Hierarchical Schema page, enter a name and description. You must provide a name for the hierarchical schema.
    3. Browse to select a project location.
    4. To select a schema or sample file, click Upload. Click Choose File and browse for an XSD file or select a sample JSON file, and then click OK.
    When you add a JSON sample file, Data Integration generates a schema from the sample.
    5. If you selected an XSD file with multiple possible root elements, select a root from the drop-down menu.
    6. If you selected a schema that refers to another schema, you must also upload the referenced schema. To upload the referenced schema, click Upload, browse for the referenced schema file and click OK.
    7. To save the hierarchical schema, click OK.