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Components are assets that support mappings and tasks.
You can use the following components:
Business services
Define a business service to use in Web Service transformations.
For more information about business services, see Business services.
File listeners
Create a file listener that listens to files on a specific location and notifies subscribers when files arrive at the location and when files in the location are updated or deleted.
For more information about file listeners, see File listeners.
Fixed-width file formats
Configure reusable formats that you can use for fixed-width flat file sources and targets to enhance readability.
For more information about fixed-width file formats, see Fixed-width file formats.
Hierarchical schemas
Upload an XML schema, XML sample file, or JSON sample file to use in mappings that include a Hierarchy transformation.
For more information about hierarchical schemas, see Hierarchical schemas.
Intelligent structure models
Create or export a model for the following use cases:
For more information about intelligent structure models, see Intelligent structure models.
Define reusable transformation logic to use in Mapplet transformations in one of the following ways:
For more information about mapplets, see Mapplets.
Saved queries
Create reusable custom queries that you can use as a source in synchronization tasks.
For more information about saved queries, see Saved queries.
Shared sequence
Define a reusable sequence to use in multiple Sequence Generator transformations.
For more information about shared sequences, see Shared sequences.
User-defined functions
Create reusable functions that you can use in transformation expressions and in other user-defined functions.
For more information about user-defined functions, see User-defined functions.
Visio templates
Design transformation logic in Visio and then upload the template and configure the parameters to use in mapping tasks.
For more information about Visio templates, see Mappings.
Create components on the New Asset page.