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Adding document identifiers to data in a model

You can add document identifiers to output groups in a model to identify the data that arrives from the same input at run time. Each sample is identified by a unique ID. Intelligent Structure Discovery adds document identifiers to groups in the model.
For example, add document identifiers to a model if you want the Structure Parser transformation to join output groups that are based on the same input and then output them to a single target.
To add document identifiers to the intelligent structure, select the top node in an intelligent structure, right-click the node, and select Add a Document ID. To remove document identifiers, right-click the node and select Remove a Document ID.
In the model, document identifier fields appear in the Table tab, in the following format: <group name>_documentId. For example, for a group named "organization" the document identifier field is organization_documentId.
In the Structure Parser transformation, a document identifier output field appears for each output group.