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Returns the input type of the current row in the transformation. The method returns a value of insert, update, delete, or reject.
You can only use getInRowType in the On Input Row section of the Java editor. You can only use the getInRowType method in active transformations that are configured to set the update strategy. If you use this method in an active transformation that is not configured to set the update strategy, the session generates an error.
Use the following syntax:
rowType getInRowType();
Data Type
Update strategy type. Value can be INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or REJECT.
Use the following Java code to propagate the input type of the current row if the row type is UPDATE or INSERT and the value of the input field input1 is less than 100 or set the output type as DELETE if the value of input1 is greater than 100:
// Set the value of the output field.
output1 = input1;

// Get and set the row type.
String rowType = getInRowType();

// Set row type to DELETE if the output field value is > 100.
if(input1 > 100