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Verifier transformation field mappings

Configure field mappings to define how data moves from an upstream transformation to the Verifier transformation. Configure field mappings on the tab of the Properties panel.
You can configure the following field mapping options:
Field map options
Method of mapping fields to the transformation.
Select one of the following options:
Select the parameter to use for the field mapping, or create a new parameter. This option appears when you select Completely Parameterized or Partially Parameterized as the field map option. The parameter must be of type field mapping.
Do not use the same field mapping parameter in more than one Verifier transformation in a single mapping.
Controls how fields are displayed in the Incoming Fields and Target Fields lists.
Configure the following options:
Links fields with matching names. Allows you to link matching fields and to manually configure other field mappings. The Automap options appear when you select the Manual or Partially Parameterized field map option.
You can map fields in the following ways:
You can use both Exact Field Name and Smart Map in the same field mapping. For example, use Exact Field Name to match fields with the same name and then use Smart Map to map fields with similar names.
You can undo all automapped field mappings by clicking Automap > Undo Automap.
To unmap a single field, select the field to unmap and click Actions > Unmap on the context menu for the field. To unmap one or more fields that you selected, click Unmap Selected on the Target Fields context menu.
To clear all field mappings from the transformation, click Clear Mapping on the Target Fields context menu.

Understanding input and output mappings

The verifier asset that you add to the transformation is an address template with a preconfigured set of input and output fields. Each input and output field on the asset represents a different type of address information.
The data on the transformation input fields that you map to the verifier asset must reflect the types of information that the asset inputs expect. If the fields do not correspond, the mapping cannot evaluate the input data with full accuracy.
The asset inputs may expect a single element of address data, or they may expect multiple elements organized in a single field. Likewise, the asset outputs may write a single element of address data, or they may write multiple elements to a single field. If necessary, work with the asset designer to determine the meaning of the inputs.