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Verifier transformation

The Verifier transformation adds a verifier asset that you created in Data Quality to a mapping.
A verifier asset defines a template for input and output address data that you can connect to the input and output fields on the Verifier transformation. Connect the fields in your source data or in upstream transformations to the corresponding input ports on the Verifier transformation. Connect the output ports on the Verifier transformation to downstream transformations in the mapping or to the mapping target.
The Verifier transformation performs the following operations on the input address data:
For more information about the types of address information that the Verifier transformation can read and write, including address status information, consult the verifier asset documentation in the Data Quality online help.
A Verifier transformation is similar to a Mapplet transformation, as it allows you to add address verification logic that you created elsewhere to a mapping. Like mapplets, verifiers are reusable assets. A Verifier transformation shows incoming and outgoing fields. It does not display the address data that the verifier contains or allow to you edit the verifier. To edit the verifier, open it in Data Quality.
Note: The transformation is not certified for serverless runtime execution.