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Velocity transformation output

The Velocity transformation returns converted data in a string field named VELOCITYOUT. You cannot change the output field name or type, but you can change the precision. Change the output field precision on the Output Field tab.
The precision is the maximum number of characters that the returned character string can contain. Data Integration truncates the returned character string at the precision value. By default, the output field precision is 1000000 characters. To change the output field precision, enter a different value in the Precision field.

Target configuration for file targets

You can write the data that is converted by the Velocity transformation to a target file. If the target file is an XML or JSON file that you create at run time, you might want to specify no header and no text qualifier in the output file.
To specify no header in the output file, open the Target tab of the Target transformation. In the Advanced properties, set the header options to No Header.
To specify no text qualifier, on the Target tab, click Formatting Options next to the Object field. In the Formatting Options dialog box, set the text qualifier to None.