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Testing the template

You can test the template on the Test tab. The Test tab contains fields for sample input and output so you can test the template as you create it.
The following image shows the Test tab:
The Test tab contains a field to select the Runtime Environment at the top, a text box to enter sample input on the left, and a text box that shows the sample output on the right. The Test button appears above the sample output.
To test the template you created, select a runtime environment, enter or paste a portion of the incoming data into the Sample Input field, and then click Test. You can select any runtime environment in which the Data Integration Server is enabled except the Hosted Agent.
Sample input can contain up to 1000000 characters. For best results, ensure that the sample input is a representative sample of the data that you want to convert.
Sample output appears in the Sample Output field. When you test a template, Data Integration does not process built-in function or lookup expression calls. In the sample output, these expressions appear exactly as they were entered it in the template. If the template does not generate valid output, an error message appears in the Sample Output field.