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Structure Parser transformation

The Structure Parser transformation transforms your input data into a user-defined structured format based on an intelligent structure model. You can use the Structure Parser transformation to analyze data such as log files, clickstreams, XML or JSON files, Word tables, and other unstructured or semi-structured formats.
To create an intelligent structure model, use Intelligent Structure Discovery. Intelligent Structure Discovery determines the underlying structure of a sample data file and creates a model of the structure.
Intelligent Structure Discovery creates the intelligent structure model based on a sample of your input data. You can create models from the following input types:
Creating intelligent structure models based on XSD files and on Cobol copybooks is available for preview. Preview functionality is supported for evaluation purposes but is unwarranted and is not supported in production environments or any environment that you plan to push to production. Informatica intends to include the preview functionality in an upcoming release for production use, but might choose not to in accordance with changing market or technical circumstances. For more information, contact Informatica Global Customer Support.
You can refine the intelligent structure model and customize the structure of the output data. You can edit the nodes in the model to combine, exclude, flatten, or collapse them.
The Structure Parser transformation can process input from source transformations efficiently and seamlessly based on the intelligent structure model that you select. When you add a Structure Parser transformation to a mapping, you associate it with the intelligent structure model.
When you use a Structure Parser transformation in a mapping you can select a Source transformation based on a flat file to process local input files. Or you can select a Source transformation based on a Hadoop Files V2 connection to stream input files in HDFS, using Hortonworks Data Platform or Cloudera connection, or to process input from local file systems.
To use the Structure Parser transformation, you need the appropriate license.