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Sequence Generator transformation uses

Use a Sequence Generator transformation to generate a sequence of numbers in the following ways:
Generate a sequence of unique numbers.
The sequence begins with the Initial Value that you specify.
Generate a cyclic sequence of numbers.
You can establish a range of values for the Sequence Generator transformation. If you use the cycle option, the Sequence Generator transformation repeats the range when it reaches the end value. For example, if you set the sequence range to start at 10 and end at 50, and you set an increment value of 10, the Sequence Generator transformation generates the following values: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. The sequence starts over again at 10.
Does not apply to elastic mappings.
Continue an existing sequence of numbers.
Each time you run the mapping task, the task updates the value to reflect the last-generated value plus the Increment By value. If you want the numbering to start over each time you run the task, you can enable the Reset configuration property.
Generate a sequence of unique numbers for multiple partitions using the same Sequence Generator.
You can specify the number of sequential values the mapping task caches at a time so that the task does not generate the same numbers for each partition. You cannot generate a cyclic sequence of numbers when you use the same Sequence Generator for multiple partitions.
Does not apply to elastic mappings.