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Sequence Generator transformation

The Sequence Generator transformation is a passive and connected transformation that generates numeric values. Use the Sequence Generator to create unique primary key values, replace missing primary keys, or cycle through a sequential range of numbers.
The Sequence Generator transformation contains pass-through fields and two output fields, NEXTVAL and CURRVAL. In an elastic mapping, the transformation contains one output field, NEXTVAL. You can connect the output fields to one or more downstream transformations.
The mapping task generates a numeric sequence of values each time the mapped fields enter a connected transformation. You set the range of numbers in the Mapping Designer. You can change the initial number in the sequence when you run the task.
After the task completes, you can see the current value and the initial value for a Sequence Generator transformation in the mapping task details.
To use the Sequence Generator transformation, you need the appropriate license.
Note: If you use the Sequence Generator transformation in an elastic mapping that runs in an AWS environment, make sure that the Spark driver can communicate with the Secure Agent. For more information, see Administrator in the Administrator help.