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Rule Specification transformation

The Rule Specification transformation adds a rule specification asset that you created in Data Quality to a mapping.
A rule specification is a set of one or more logical operations that analyze data according to business criteria that you define. The rule specification generates an output that indicates whether the data satisfies the business criteria. The rule specification can also update the data that it analyzes. You define the logical operations as IF/THEN/ELSE statements in Data Quality.
Each Rule Specification transformation can contain a single rule specification. You can add multiple Rule Specification transformations to a mapping.
Use a Rule Specification transformation to accomplish the following goals:
A Rule Specification transformation is similar to a Mapplet transformation, as it allows you to add data analysis and data transformation logic that you designed elsewhere to a mapping. Like mapplets, rule specifications are reusable assets. A Rule Specification transformation shows incoming and outgoing fields. It does not display the logic that the rule specification contains or allow to you edit the rule specification. To edit the rule specification, open it in Data Quality.
Note: The transformation is not certified for serverless runtime execution.
To use the Rule Specification transformation, you need the appropriate license.