Transformations > Structure Parser transformation > Processing input from a flat file source

Processing input from a flat file source

The Structure Parser transformation can process input from one or more files when you add a flat file source.
The Source transformation uses a reference file that contains a file path or a list of file paths to one or more files that you want the Structure Parser transformation to process. Ensure that you use a reference file when you configure the Source transformation. On the Source tab, select the reference file in the Object field.

Configuring the flat file source

To use a flat file source with a Structure Parser transformation, ensure that the Source transformation has one source field.
    1. On the Source transformation Source tab, select Formatting Options near the Object field.
    2. Select None for the Text Qualifier.
    3. Select Auto-generate for the Field Labels.
    4. Click OK.

Configuring the Structure Parser transformation to access flat files

To ensure that the Structure Parser transformation can access the files in the reference file, configure the Field Mapping settings.
    bulletOn the Structure Parser transformation Field Mapping tab, map the field in the Incoming Field panel to the File Path field in the Structure Parser Input Fields panel.