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Mapplet transformation

The Mapplet transformation inserts a mapplet that you created in Data Integration, imported from PowerCenter, or generated from an SAP asset into a mapping. Each Mapplet transformation can contain one mapplet. You can add multiple Mapplet transformations to a mapping or mapplet.
The Mapplet transformation can be active or passive based on the transformation logic within the mapplet. An active mapplet includes at least one active transformation. An active mapplet can return a number of rows that is different from the number of source rows passed to the mapplet. A passive mapplet includes only passive transformations. A passive mapplet returns the same number of rows that are passed from the source.
Use a Mapplet transformation to accomplish the following goals:
Extend the data transformation capabilities of Data Integration.
For example, you want to create a mapping that passes customer records to a target if the customers pass a credit check. You create a Web Services transformation to run a credit check on each customer. You include the Web Services transformation in a mapplet and use the mapplet in a mapping to perform the credit check.
Reuse transformation logic in different mappings.
For example, you have different fact tables that require a series of dimension keys. You create a mapplet that contains a series of Lookup transformations to find each dimension key. You include the mapplet in different fact table mappings instead of re-creating the lookup logic in each mapping.
Hide complex transformation logic.
The Mapplet transformation shows the mapplet incoming and outgoing fields. It does not display the transformations that the mapplet contains.
To use the Mapplet transformation, you need the appropriate license.
For more information about mapplets, see Components.