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Mapplet parameters

When you select a mapplet that contains parameters, the parameters are renamed in the Mapplet transformation. You can view the corresponding parameter names on the Parameter tab of the Properties panel.
In the Mapplet transformation, mapplet parameter names are prefixed with the Mapplet transformation name.
The following image shows the Parameters tab:
The Parameters tab shows a table with the parameter name in the mapplet, the new mapplet name, and the parameter type. For example, on the first line the data object parameter "MapSourceParameter" is renamed to "Mapplet_MapSourceParameter" in the Mapplet transformation.
You can edit the properties of the mapplet parameters, but you cannot change the parameter type or delete the parameters. To delete a parameter, open the mapplet and remove the parameter.
To edit the parameter properties, click the new parameter name on the Parameters tab or on the Parameters panel. When you change the parameter properties in a Mapplet transformation, the changes do not affect the mapplet.
You can reuse the parameters in other transformations in the mapping.