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Java transformation API reference

When you create a Java transformation, you can add API methods to the Java code snippets to define the transformation behavior.
To add an API method to a code snippet, click the APIs tab in the Java editor, select the method that you want to add, and click Add. Alternatively, you can manually enter the API method in the Java code snippet.
You can add the following API methods to the Java code snippets in a Java transformation:
Throws an exception with an error message and fails the session.
Generates an output row for active Java transformations.
Returns the input type of the current row in the transformation.
Increments the error count for the session.
Invokes an expression and returns the value for the expression. Use only in an elastic mapping.
Checks for a null value in an input column.
Writes an error message to the session log.
Writes an informational message to the session log.
Sets the value of an output column in an active or passive Java transformation to null.
Sets the update strategy for output rows. Can flag rows for insert, update, or delete.