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Hierarchy Builder transformation

The Hierarchy Builder transformation converts relational input into hierarchical output.
The transformation processes relational input from the upstream transformation and provides one of the following output types to the downstream transformation:
The Hierarchy Builder transformation produces hierarchical output based on how you configure the transformation at design time, including the following options:
To convert the input to JSON or XML, associate a hierarchical schema with the transformation. The schema defines the expected hierarchy of the output data. You can use an existing hierarchical schema, or create a new schema at design time. You can create a schema for XML output from an XML sample file or an XML schema file. To create a schema for JSON output, use a JSON sample file. Don't use a JSON schema file.
To convert the input to Avro, Parquet, or ORC, create an intelligent structure model. The model defines the expected hierarchy of the output data from a sample file at design time.
To use the Hierarchy Builder transformation, you need the appropriate license.