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Group filter conditions

You can test data based on one or more group filter conditions. You can enter any expression that returns a single value. You can also specify a constant for the condition.
A group filter condition returns TRUE or FALSE for each row that passes through the transformation, depending on whether a row satisfies the specified condition. Zero (0) is the equivalent of FALSE, and any non-zero value is the equivalent of TRUE.
When the task runs, Data Integration handles the data in the following ways:
You cannot configure a group filter condition for the default group. However, you can add an Expression transformation to perform a calculation and handle the rows in the default group.

Configuring a group filter condition

Configure a group filter condition for each user-defined output group.
    1. Connect the source to the Router transformation.
    2. Click the Output Groups tab.
    3. Click the + sign and add the group you want to configure.
    4. Click Configure.
    5. In the Edit Filter Condition dialog box, select one of the following filter condition types:
    The following image shows the Edit Filter Condition dialog box:
    In this example, the condition is a simple filter that evaluates to TRUE when Region = 'NA'.
    6. Click the + sign to add a row for each condition that you want to apply to this group.
    7. Choose a Field Name, Operator, and Value for each condition.
    8. Click OK to save the conditions.