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Generating unique keys

In a mapping that converts hierarchical data to relational output, you can optionally generate unique keys for the hierarchical input group.
The following image shows the Hierarchy Processor tab with the option to generate unique keys:
The Hierarchy Processor tab of the Hierarchy Processor transformation contains an icon with three dots. The icon gives you the option to generate unique keys when the output data format is relational.
When you generate unique keys, you generate a primary key for the input group and a key for every array element within the input group. Each key is a combination of a global unique ID and a value that increases for each additional field. The generated keys can be mapped to the output groups just like any other incoming field.
The result of mapping key fields from an input parent element to the output group of the child data set results in the output data or output groups having a primary key and foreign key relationship. The primary key and foreign key relationship is generated on the output side based on how the generated keys are mapped.