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Defining a Rank transformation

To define a Rank transformation, you drag the transformation into the Mapping Designer, configure fields, and configure the transformation properties.
    1. In the Mapping Designer, drag a Rank transformation from the transformation palette onto the canvas and connect it to the upstream and downstream transformations.
    2. Configure the transformation fields.
    By default, the transformation inherits all incoming fields from the upstream transformation. If you do not need to use all of the incoming fields, you can configure field rules to include or exclude certain fields.
    3. Configure the rank properties.
    Select the field that you want to rank by, the rank order, and the number of rows to rank.
    4. Optionally, configure rank groups.
    You can configure the Rank transformation to create groups for ranked rows.
    5. Optionally, configure the transformation advanced properties.
    You can update the cache properties, tracing level for log messages, transformation scope, case-sensitivity for string comparisons, and whether the transformation is optional.