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Data object preview

When you add a Source, Target, or Lookup transformation to a mapping and you select a single object as the source, target, or lookup object, you can preview the data.
This data preview feature is different from mapping data preview. For information on mapping data preview, see Mappings in Cloud Data Integration.
To preview the data object, open the Source, Target, or Lookup Object tab of the Properties panel, and click Preview Data.
When you preview data, Data Integration displays the first 10 rows. By default, Data Integration displays the fields in native order. To display the fields in alphabetical order, enable the Display source fields in alphabetical order option.
If the source, target, or lookup object is a flat file, you can also configure the formatting options. The following table describes the formatting options for flat files:
Flat File Type
File type, either delimited or fixed-width.
Delimiter character for delimited files.
Text Qualifier
Character to qualify text for delimited files.
Escape Character
Escape character for delimited files.
Field Labels
For delimited files, determines whether the task generates the field labels or imports them from the source file. If you import them from the source file, enter the row number that contains the field labels.
Fixed Width File Format
File format to use for fixed-width files. If there are no available fixed-width file formats, select New > Components > Fixed-Width File Format to create one.
Note: Other formatting options might be available based on the connection type. For more information, see the help for the appropriate connector.