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Data Masking transformation

Use the Data Masking transformation to change sensitive production data to realistic test data for non-production environments. The Data Masking transformation modifies source data based on masking rules that you configure for each column.
Create masked data for software development, testing, training, and data mining. You can maintain data relationships in the masked data and maintain referential integrity between database tables. The Data Masking transformation is a passive transformation.
The Data Masking transformation provides masking rules based on the source data type and masking type you configure for a port. For strings, you can restrict the characters in a string to replace and the characters to apply in the mask. For numbers and dates, you can provide a range of numbers for the masked data. You can configure a range that is a fixed or percentage variance from the original number. The Integration Service replaces characters based on the locale that you configure with the masking rules.
To use the Data Masking transformation, you need the appropriate license.