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Connected Lookup example

In the following example, the Lookup transformation performs a lookup on an Orders table and returns all the orders for a specific customer. You could also define the Lookup to return only the first order or last order for the customer.
First, you configure a Lookup Condition, which is an expression that identifies what rows to return from the lookup table. For example, create a Simple Lookup Condition to find all the records where the CUSTOMER_ID Lookup Field is equal to the Incoming Field, CUSTOMER_IN.
Based on this condition, the Lookup finds all the rows where the customer ID is equal to the customer number that is passed to the Lookup transformation.
You can also add multiple conditions. For example, if you add this condition, the Lookup returns only the orders that are greater than $100.00.
O_ORDER_AMT > 100.00
The Lookup returns data only when all conditions are true.