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Cleanse transformation

The Cleanse transformation adds a cleanse asset that you created in Data Quality to a mapping. A cleanse asset is a set of data transformation operations that standardize the form and content of your data.
You add a single cleanse asset to a Cleanse transformation. You can map one or more input fields to a Cleanse asset in the mapping.
A cleanse asset can perform one or more of the following operations:
You can configure multiple operations in a cleanse asset, and you can add any type of operation to the asset multiple times. The mapping performs the operations on an input data field in a sequence that you define, so that a single cleanse asset can specify multiple changes to the input field data. You can add multiple Cleanse transformations to a mapping, so that you can apply standardization operations to multiple data fields.
Note: The transformation is not certified for serverless runtime execution.
The following image shows a mapping in which multiple Cleanse transformations read data fields from a Source transformation and write standardized data to a Target transformation:
Each cleanse transformation in the mapping performs a different standardization operation. The source transformation provides an input to each cleanse transformation, and each cleanse transformation provides an output that links to a single target.
A Cleanse transformation is similar to a Mapplet transformation, as it allows you to add data transformation logic that you designed elsewhere to a mapping. Like mapplets, cleanse assets are reusable assets.
A Cleanse transformation does not display the logic that the cleanse asset contains or allow you to edit the cleanse asset. To edit the cleanse asset, open it in Data Quality.