Transformations > Hierarchy Builder transformation > Advanced properties

Advanced properties

You can configure advanced properties for a Hierarchy Builder transformation. The advanced properties control the tracing level for session log messages and the transformation scope.
You can configure the following properties:
Tracing Level
Detail level of error and status messages that Data Integration writes in the session log. You can choose terse, normal, verbose initialization, or verbose data. Default is normal.
Transformation Scope
Specifies how Data Integration applies the transformation logic to incoming data. Select one of the following options:
  • - Transaction. Applies the transformation logic to all rows in a transaction. Choose Transaction when a row of data depends on all rows in the same transaction, but does not depend on rows in other transactions.
  • - All Input. Applies the transformation logic on all incoming data. When you choose All Input, Data Integration drops incoming transaction boundaries. Choose All Input when a row of data depends on all rows in the source.