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Address Reference Data

To verify the quality of the addresses in your source data, the Verifier transformation compares the addresses to the data in one or more reference data files.
When you run a mapping with a Verifier transformation, the Secure Agent evaluates the input data and downloads the reference data files that you need. Each reference data file is specific to a single country. The Secure Agent downloads one or more files for each county that the input address data specifies.
You do not need to take any action to download the files. If the current reference data files already exist on the system, the Secure Agent does not download them again.
Each reference data file requires a license. You buy the license from Informatica. You enter the license key information as a system configuration property on the Secure Agent that runs the mapping. Find the Secure Agent properties in the Administrator service.
For more information on reference data properties, consult the Verifier Guide in the Data Quality online help.