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Transformation type recommendations

CLAIRE uses design metadata and the current flow of your mapping to recommend transformations in the data flow. CLAIRE polls the mapping after every change to provide the most relevant recommendations.
When CLAIRE detects a transformation to add, the Add Transformation icon displays orange on the transformation link as shown in the following image:
The image shows the mapping canvas with a Source, Filter, and Target transformations. A round orange icon with a lightbulb is on the link between the Filter and Target transformations.
Click the Add Transformation icon to display the Add Transformation menu. Recommended transformations are listed at the top of the menu with the most confident recommendation first.
The following image shows the Add Transformation menu with recommended transformations at the top:
The image shows the Add transformation menu with the Expression, Filter, and Joiner transformations listed at the top. A round orange icon with a lightblub appears to the right of these transformations.
Select a transformation from the menu to add it to the mapping in the current location.